Angela Rodriguez


Elliott Smith – From A Basement On The Hill

From a Basement on a Hill is a fitting goodbye to the fans that found solace in his words and a home in his music

Various Artists – Location Is Everything Vol.2

Jade Tree’s Location is Everything Vol. 2 showcases the label’s newest acts as well as some returning veterans.

Various Artists – Metaphysics for Beginners

Why would one decide to pick up a release entitled Metaphysics for Beginners? Why did I decide to pick it up? Well I saw the name Sufjan Stevens and said “Hmm, seems about right.”

Rogue Wave – Out of the Shadow

Go out, current Garden State soundtrack listener, and experience something familiar but a little bit different. Rogue Wave have constructed an album worthy of praise

The Killers – Hot Fuss

The eleven songs of Hot Fuss would qualify as little three to five minute drugs

Ambulance LTD – LP

Despite the name change Ambulance LTD still maintain musical magic. LP, is a fantastic mix of old psychedelic rock and new indie flavor.

Bats and Mice – A Person Carrying A Handmade Paper Bag Is Considered As...

With this release, Bats and Mice tries to take what was perfect about their sound and incorporate into it something new.

Keane – Hopes and Fears

An average listener would describe Hopes and Fears as part slower-Radiohead and part piano-driven Coldplay

Modest Mouse – Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Good News For People Who Love Bad News has an abundance of banjo work which leads me to describe this album as ‘banjo-rific.’

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