Every so often a band comes along that leaves you with feelings of enlightenment and pure musical joy. Aree and The Pure Heart are one of those bands.

Evoking the same poetic rock n’ roll melancholia that came with The Gaslight Anthem and The Loved Ones (Dave Hause’s), the band are a wondrous, and sudden surprise. It’s a surprise to us anyway, but in truth, Aree and the Pure Heart have been kickin’ it for a good few years (we’re just late to the party) and released their debut EP Heartsongs back in 2015.

The new song “Fifty Dollar Bottle of Wine” is what got us excited, the second song to be released from their upcoming new album Never Gonna Die. The first was released last year, called “Gasoline Heart“. The new record is due March 29th on Wiretap (seriously, what’s in the water over there?).

Listen to this song, let it soak in. We can wait for Never Gonna Die together.