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Alt music roundup: Belle Haven, Between You and Me, John Floreani

Josh Hockey has got the round up of the new music making waves this week in the alternative/emo landscape; including new music from Belle Haven, John Floreani.



belle haven

Belle Haven – “Forget You”

Melbourne based Belle Haven have been very quiet for about a year now. They completed their You Me & Everything In Between headline tour with Casey in June 2018, and have done very little since then. They re-emerged with a free show on April 20 with Terra and Reside, and have now released their brand new single, “Forget You”.

Signifying an enormous change in sound, “Forget You” has seen Belle Haven move away from their post-hardcore sound. Moving in a punk, more alternative, and more classically emo direction, they have clearly made an active effort to reinvent themselves. However with this they have retained their instrumental prowess, and have also continued on with writing the emotionally charged lyrics that they have become known for.

On “Forget Me” vocalist David De La Hoz says: “The Song is about self sabotage. It can be one thing to acknowledge that you’re a self saboteur, but a whole other thing to try change that.”

Between You & Me – “Famous”

Between You & Me have today dropped their brand new single “Famous”. Having just joined Hellions on their Australian tour, they are about to take off to Europe for their co-headline tour with Story Untold. Between You & Me are on a hot streak. Having had the pleasure of seeing them live multiple times in the last few months, I have loved the energy that they are able to bring to their live performance. Seeing them live adds that extra edge to their music, as it adds that extra edge of personality to it all. This makes listening to them at home or wherever you are even more enjoyable, as it adds a smile to your face knowing that everyone playing the music is loving it.

Sticking to the classic pop-punk formula, “Famous” is a slight change of pace for BYAM. Taking a softer and more pop approach, the dance-heavy song makes you want to move rather than jump into a circle pit. That isn’t a bad thing, as it works as a breath of fresh air.

I can feel myself becoming a bigger Between You & Me fan as each day goes by, and with that said I simply cannot wait to see where this different sound takes them.

John Floreani – “Oh Brother”

“Oh Brother” is the second single off John Floreani’s upcoming album Sin and is really goddamn good. Following the traditional acoustic sound that Floreani has gone for in the past, “Oh Brother” thrives.

Speaking about his relationship with his brother and the troubles they have had in the past, Floreani’s beautifully melodic track tugs at the heartstrings in all the right ways. The way he sings in a deeply raw tone adds a sense of care to it. You can feel the emotion and pain as he sings and plants “Oh Brother” firmly in the heart after just a few listens.

As Sin has become one of the most highly anticipated events for Floreani fans around the world, its June 7 release couldn’t come any faster. He is playing multiple shows in celebration of the album, including dates in Melbourne, London, and Los Angeles.

New Music

“Talking Heads” is one of Northlane’s darkest and heaviest songs yet

Northlane have given fans the latest taste of Alien, with their newest single, “Talking Heads.”



Having been one of Australia’s largest rising heavy acts over the last few years, Northlane’s upcoming album, Alien, understandably has an incredible amount of hype surrounding it. Having been described as their rawest and harshest piece yet, it appears to be a newer and more personal look at Northlane themselves.

The first single, “Bloodline”, showed this effectively through its powerful lyrics, its angrier vocal tones, and its darker sounding instrumentals. Moving on from that, Northlane have given fans the latest taste of Alien, with their newest single, “Talking Heads”.

Having witnessed this song being played live already at Good Things Festival 2018, I was buzzing to wrap my ears around it yet again. Opening with dark digital effects and leading into bouncy deep verses, this nu-metalesque sound is a healthy change for Northlane. Touched on and hinted at in “Bloodline”, “Talking Heads” sees them take this ball and run with it, as the rough husky guitar and bass tones relentlessly grind in the background. This combines with the tough scream vocals and the technical drums to make for a destructive atmosphere filled with power and aggression. 

Inconsistent pacing and a constant shift in tone make for a sense of uncertainty. This supports the mood that the lyrics set, as the frustrated vocals tell a story of isolation, anguish, and torment. The speaker behind the words is trapped in a seemingly never-ending battle with their own mind, they try everything they can to fend them off, but the voices wear them down. The “Talking Heads” run wild on their insides, and shut them down completely as they win the war.

“Talking Heads” is one of Northlane’s darkest and heaviest songs yet, check it out ASAP:

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