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Alt music roundup: Belle Haven, Between You and Me, John Floreani

Josh Hockey has got the round up of the new music making waves this week in the alternative/emo landscape; including new music from Belle Haven, John Floreani.



belle haven

Belle Haven – “Forget You”

Melbourne based Belle Haven have been very quiet for about a year now. They completed their You Me & Everything In Between headline tour with Casey in June 2018, and have done very little since then. They re-emerged with a free show on April 20 with Terra and Reside, and have now released their brand new single, “Forget You”.

Signifying an enormous change in sound, “Forget You” has seen Belle Haven move away from their post-hardcore sound. Moving in a punk, more alternative, and more classically emo direction, they have clearly made an active effort to reinvent themselves. However with this they have retained their instrumental prowess, and have also continued on with writing the emotionally charged lyrics that they have become known for.

On “Forget Me” vocalist David De La Hoz says: “The Song is about self sabotage. It can be one thing to acknowledge that you’re a self saboteur, but a whole other thing to try change that.”

Between You & Me – “Famous”

Between You & Me have today dropped their brand new single “Famous”. Having just joined Hellions on their Australian tour, they are about to take off to Europe for their co-headline tour with Story Untold. Between You & Me are on a hot streak. Having had the pleasure of seeing them live multiple times in the last few months, I have loved the energy that they are able to bring to their live performance. Seeing them live adds that extra edge to their music, as it adds that extra edge of personality to it all. This makes listening to them at home or wherever you are even more enjoyable, as it adds a smile to your face knowing that everyone playing the music is loving it.

Sticking to the classic pop-punk formula, “Famous” is a slight change of pace for BYAM. Taking a softer and more pop approach, the dance-heavy song makes you want to move rather than jump into a circle pit. That isn’t a bad thing, as it works as a breath of fresh air.

I can feel myself becoming a bigger Between You & Me fan as each day goes by, and with that said I simply cannot wait to see where this different sound takes them.

John Floreani – “Oh Brother”

“Oh Brother” is the second single off John Floreani’s upcoming album Sin and is really goddamn good. Following the traditional acoustic sound that Floreani has gone for in the past, “Oh Brother” thrives.

Speaking about his relationship with his brother and the troubles they have had in the past, Floreani’s beautifully melodic track tugs at the heartstrings in all the right ways. The way he sings in a deeply raw tone adds a sense of care to it. You can feel the emotion and pain as he sings and plants “Oh Brother” firmly in the heart after just a few listens.

As Sin has become one of the most highly anticipated events for Floreani fans around the world, its June 7 release couldn’t come any faster. He is playing multiple shows in celebration of the album, including dates in Melbourne, London, and Los Angeles.

New Music

Tourist Company and their “Fractured State”

“the world felt broken”



Canadian alt-rockers Tourist Company have recently unveiled the second track from their upcoming new album. Titled “Fractured State”, the song is a beautiful, sweeping track that belies the darker undertone of what the song is about.

Vocalist/guitarist Taylor Swindells has said the song was partially inspired by the Charlottesville riots of 2017. At that point Swindells recalls the genesis of what would become the song;

“I remember watching news footage and feeling lost at the state of humanity. In that moment, the world felt broken. There were so many lines of tension running through the plot points of current events, and the present seemed to be predictably spiraling out of control. Essentially the song is about that emotional tension and the pressures of living in a world that feels like it’s falling apart.”

The band recently signed to Fierce Panda Records Canada and will release their sophomore album sometime in 2020. “Fractured State” follows on from the first track released from the upcoming album, the track “Conflicted/Restricted“.

Tourist Company is a Vancouver-based musical duo that consists of Swindells and Brenon Parry, formed in 2013. They released their debut album, Apollo, in 2016.

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New Music

Killswitch Engage reveal “Unleashed”, set date for Atonement

Killswitch Engage’s new album is a reflection of perseverance



Massachusetts metalcore band Killswitch Engage have announced the release date for their upcoming 8th studio album. Titled Atonement, the album is due for release August 16th on Metal Blade Records, and is the follow-up to 2016’s Incarnate. To preview the album, the band have revealed the first single from the release, the opening track, “Unleashed”, which you can listen to below.

Regarding the new single, vocalist Jesse Leach has said about the song;

“Unleashed is about inner passion and rage coming up to the surface. We all have that wild within that often stays dormant until a tragic event triggers and awakens it. This song is about that awakening within”

The new album is the third album to feature Jesse Leach after his return in 2013’s terrific Disarm the Descent. Atonement’s most anticipated song perhaps (at least in our eyes), is the second track “Signal the Fire”, which features guest vocals from the man who voiced KsE for a decade, Howard Jones. We have fluctuated between preferring Leach at the vocals to Jones at the vocals all through the KsE discography- teased by how Leach songs sounded with Jones singing (“Fixation on the Darkness“) and how Jones songs sounded with Leach singing, but the thought of having them both sing together on one song………………

Atonement has been in the making since 2017, but was temporarily derailed after Leach had to undergo throat surgery. Killswitch Engage will hit the road across North America all through July before jetting off to Europe in October.

Listen to “Unleashed”:

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