Youth Fountain, Vancouver’s own pop-tinged punk band, are releasing their new album Letters to Our Former Selves today. With it comes the release of the video for “Ache”, an acoustic-strewn track that takes their emotionally charged music and strips it down to its bare-bones.

The album, out via Pure Noise Records, is the group’s debut album. It follows the release of their 2-song EP in 2017.

Speaking to Kerrang, Tyler Zanon talked about the track’s place on the album as well as some of its lyrical topics;

“Our track Ache is the most barebones, stripped down songs on the album. The topics we wrote about on ‘Ache’ tend to sum up what the whole record is about – the ongoing struggle with mental illness for most of my adolescent life, finding a sense of relief through writing music and lyrics about those inner issues and attempting to burry those parts of who I’ve been.”

Youth Fountain are touring North America through March and April. Letters to Our Former Selves is available starting today.

“Ache” is pretty good; a little like all those acoustic Yellowcard songs with a little more oomph.