“We shake our heads with quiet contempt”

Sound the Sirens Magazine is an online publication whose editor/founder came of age during the mid-90s punk explosion. We apply an irreverent lens to music, film, and the culture of today and yesterday. From indie records and independent punk to blockbuster movies and current lifestyle trends, Sound the Sirens is not afraid to question the status quo and embrace subculture views and attitudes as we explore what it means to be counterculture in the digital age.  


Sound the Sirens Magazine was founded in 2001 as a punk/hardcore music magazine. In the early days of online music/film/culture magazines, we shared space amongst the most frequented and trusted sources for reviews, interviews, and features. The magazine went on hiatus in 2014 and returned to regular publishing in January 2019.

Press & Media

Publicity, media and review material can be sent to: moc.s1558378983neris1558378983ehtdn1558378983uos@r1558378983otide1558378983.

Our editor is based in Melbourne, Australia while our writers are found all across Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.


We accept submissions. If you are a freelance writer looking for a place for your opinionated writing, please get in touch.

While Sound the Sirens Magazine is a small independent company, we aim to be part of the growing movement supporting freelance writers and creatives who deserve to get paid for their hard work.