A Time To Stand – Light Years

Sweeping and soaring guitar lines and melodic underpinnings are plentiful on A Time To Stand’s new record Light Years. The German punk outfit exert their talents in a big way here, committing to music and placing their fingers on the pulse of the genre that they adore. Adoration for punk rock these days is a rare occurrence when we see copious acts alter their material to fit trends. 

A Time To Stand aren’t partial to following the newest fads. Their straight-forward in your face punk is authentic and genuine, and they don’t develop songs to hit the mainstream, they’re doing this to alert us, to compel, to welcome us into their punk haven. Thrills aren’t painstakingly implemented on Light Years. This is a record of purpose and breakneck honesty. 

Light Years leaves behind a lasting effect after the final song dissipates. That urgency, the commentary on love’s breaking heart, the angst, and those spearheaded anecdotes, all bridge the gap and resonate. Most of us are naturally emotional but don’t like to slide into the grey. On Light Years, there are moments when the guitars let the sombreness shade through. 

The moments are not consistent as the instrumentals barge through. This is not a bad thing, as punk is supposed to ruffle us up. It’s supposed to take us on crusades through darkened days, dingy gig halls, and beersoaked hotel rooms. To live we must respect punk and its unconventionalities. It isn’t pretty, but it is far more original than a pop song that melts into your brain.

The record packs an almighty punch too and is eventful. “Gantville” thrusts and plays on the punk dynamic. It is a gratifying track which has a dark underbelly. Death and infection are explored topics. “Geometry” starts with arresting drumbeats until the guitars generate powerful riffs. The band describe politics and hypocrisy seeping into the framework. “No Part Of This” triggers a fast-paced, volatile sound. The riff is pleasing and the drama unfolds without a heads up. It is compelling work from a band cultivating their own style. “The Great Slasher Movie Ride” is a subtle note, a softer, expanding the band’s diverse approach to song-writing. There are no brazen guitar strokes here. 

A Time To Stand are revitalizing the punk spirit. They’re a band of crusaders playing music and travelling from one spot to the next, spearheading tiny revolutions. 

(Disconnect Disconnect Records)

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